Company Profile
Company Profile

SYU is a company of manufacturing & trading with 10 years of knowledge and experience in developing and manufacturing premium consumer products that enhance the experience you get from your Gaming Device and other Consumer Tech and Gadgets. SYU was created with the vision of bringing valuable services and practical Gaming products and accessories to customers & End-Users looking for an incredible life.

Our expertise in product design and engineering allows us to create solutions for global demands with profound potential. The goal of SYU is to create and maintain long-term customer and principal relationships, Enhance all electronic products to a higher level, both in terms of performance, safety, sustainability and design.

With the values of advancing and retreating with you, we are willing to work with you and grow together. SYU is to provide you with convenience and solutions. Reduce investment costs and protect brand reputation in global market; Tell me what you want, let us be together.


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